Two cornstarch bags / liners, see image above:
- SB004 800h x 550w 10 x 50 pack = 500 bags / crt. Price $0.40 each
- SB0051 560h x 430w 40 x 25 pack = 1000 bags / crt. Price $0.21 each
The SB0051 is ideal for the 8 - 10 liter kitchen waste bin, the SB004 takes about 40
liters. Ideal for disposal of foodwaste in larger (commercial) kitchens.

SB004 RUNNING OUT, no new stock unless demand increases.

Two bioplastic bags / liners, see image below:
- G002 900h x 600+240w, 25 micron, 10 x 50 pack = 500 bags / crt. Price $0.40 each
- G240 1500h x 725+400w, 30 micron, 10 x 20 pack = 200 bags / crt. Price $0.65 each,
fits the large 240 ltr wheelie bin.
For kitchen waste and more, fitting also nicely in a 8-10 litre
bucket. When camping or tramping, it's so comforting having an
environmental friendly bag handy. The cornstarch SB0051 has a
string built in to tie the top and available in tieroff bundles of 25.
For disposal of these bags with human or animal waste, check
with your local Department of Conservation. Go to
www.doc.govt.nz or www.google.co.nz and enter the words
"disposing human waste".
Left the 240 liter wheeliebin liner G240. Right the long T-shirt bag G002. The
latter has two handles (like a shopping bag) to carry and/or tie the top. Handy!

Both bags are made from biodegradable bioplastic material, stronger and
more durable than the cornstarch material. However not for heavy duty.
Takes longer though for decomposing.
For details regarding the bioplastic
material, please click here.