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All items at EDEN Eco Products Ltd are fully biodegradable. For more details
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Following the trend, for more easily remembering access to this website, new
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LOOKING for farm engineering? Oscar has the
tools and knowledge. Specialised in rotary milking
sheds. Click on this link

Supplying cornstarch shopping bags
to Paekakariki (Kapiti Coast) not the
first time. This time though,  a return
trip of 306 km with ZERO emission to
RG's Organics delivering 8000
shopping bags! Credit  to the Nissan
Leaf 100% electric car. Possibly a
first in New Zealand, hopefully an
upcoming trend to keep the air in
New Zealand clean.
Due to Vodafone cancelling forwarding e-mail services to rombout@clear.net.nz from August 21st 2019.  NEW EMAIL
ADDRESS is now

This Nissan 100% electric van will do carbonfree deliveries,
wherever possible. A tool to minimize the polluting pressure
on our precious environment.